Joe Biden is running for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential election

Joe Biden is running for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential election

Why was this man chosen? What must have gone wrong beforehand?"

A big question to which there is certainly not one, all-explanatory answer, even if countless analyzes have been written on it. I think, as is usually the case with political-social processes, there are many reasons. Of course, there was the deep-seated frustration of many voters about the political elite in Washington, which was perceived as aloof, arrogant, and lying. There was the weakness of the rival candidate, Hillary Clinton, who, in the eyes of many citizens, personified this very establishment. There was Trump’s clever and perfidious tactic to mobilize his followers with a mixture of promises, half-truths and lies in the social networks. There was a strange unwritten law: Americans have for decades tended to vote for whoever appears to be the exact opposite of the incumbent: Republican Bush I, Democrat Clinton, Republican Bush II, Democrat Obama, Republican Trump. A chronology that reflects the divided country.

But there was something else, and the origin of this development lies years before the Clinton / Trump election campaign: the real estate and financial crisis that shook America ten years ago and the consequences of which are still shaping many states today. People lost their jobs, could no longer pay their loans, were sued by insolvency administrators from their homes – while at the same time the government rescued many of the ailing banks and companies with tens of billions of dollars, although their bosses had acted at least immorally and in many cases illegally. This broken financial system had to be renewed from the ground up, it was said at the time, it had to meet ethical standards.

And today? If the gamble on the financial markets continues unchecked, the investment banks and investment companies rake in more billions than ever before, many of their representatives obviously do not care about morality and decency. It is probably also this discrepancy between the verbose promises made by many politicians on the one hand and the daily reality experienced on the other that has alienated many people from politics (and the Democratic Party, which is particularly closely associated with Wall Street). And it leads them to believe that someone has to clean up who is completely different, who seems to be independent of other people’s money, who doesn’t care about political conventions, who speaks plain language. The fact that this man should be a billionaire, of all people, who has contested his career with numerous windy deals, then seems somewhat irrational. But that’s just how it is, America today: divided, contradicting, unpredictable.

And if you see parallels to certain developments in Germany, I say to you: Let’s hope that things never come as far as over on the other side of the service introduction essay



Venezuelan protester with one of the new two-bolivar bills (source: Juan Carlos Hernandez / ZUMA Wire / dpa)

Chancellor Merkel is setting off on a trip to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan today, Brexit Minister Raab today presented the British government’s plans for an unregulated exit from the EU, but today I would like to tell you something else. Today I would like to introduce you to a country of superlatives. The country that has the largest proven oil reserves in the world. The country that is the starting point for the largest migration movement in the history of Latin America. The country whose current inflation rate is … wait … eighty-two thousand seven hundred and sixty-six percent.

I would like to single out one word from the list of superlatives: migration. You hear it and think of the Ostrogoths, who wander through the smoking ruins of Roman late antiquity. In fact, they are Venezuelans. Million Venezuelans. You are on the run – from the 82,766 percent. The government in Caracas has done what helpless, incompetent governments like to do in the face of hyperinflation: It has issued new, hot off the press banknotes with the last few zeros (five of them) struck off by decree. The value of the notes is linked to a new artificial currency that nobody wants, anchored by rules that nobody believes in. Of course, that is of no use, any more than the constant tirades against the bad, bad foreign countries, which are supposed to be to blame for everything. The corruption, self-enrichment, sloppiness and rotting conveyor systems – none of that should have been under any circumstances. According to the UN, almost two and a half million Venezuelans have sought refuge in other countries. The neighboring states see themselves visibly overwhelmed by the onslaught, in Brazil there have already been xenophobic riots.

A few meters behind the bridge that crosses the border river between Venezuela and Colombia, Laura, a young woman with long brown hair, is sitting on a plastic chair. She has come to Colombia for a day visit and is getting a haircut. A woman next to her accepts strand by strand. Laura sold her hair. Someone will make a wig or extensions out of it. There’s ten dollars for it, and Laura’s daughter doesn’t have to die. With the money she buys insulin that the sick child needs. It will be used up before the hair has grown back.

Farther away from the border, small groups wander down the road. You don’t return to Venezuela in the evening. The life of the hiker follows a simple rule: "If you are not working you will not be eating"says a woman. So they run to the next town. But there is no work in sight. That’s the way it is in Venezuela at the moment. Startling.


Grindel, Löw, Bierhoff (Source: ITAR-TASS / imago)

Saturday, 3:30 p.m .: This is a sacred time for die-hard football fans. If you don’t sit in the stadium, you can sit in the pub or at home in front of the telly to watch the Bundesliga. Of course, this also applies to our columnist Berti Vogts. Actually – because in his new column he confesses: "Last season I often preferred to go out with the dog on Bundesliga match days than to watch the games. And when I was in the stadium in Mönchengladbach, I would often go home shaking my head and think: ‘I don’t want to experience that again.’ The unattractive way of playing many teams made football mad for me." And this season? Vogts says he did "the reset button pressed" and I’m looking forward to the games despite the malaise. And of course he has specific ideas on how German football can get back on its feet after the European Cup and World Cup debacle. Let me put it this way: I hope that many coaches, players and club presidents will read his text.

What brings us to the topic of the DFB, which our columnist Gerhard Spörl describes in an article with the wonderful title "The return of the peat noses" accepts. Like probably millions of other football fans, he is still shaking his head in front of the narrow-mindedness of Messrs. Grindel / Bierhoff / Löw, who pretend that they understood what went wrong – and that they could just go on as before. "The fish rots from the head", analyzes Spörl, "and the head is Reinhard Grindel, who managed to talk about Özil instead of himself. The other head is Jogi Löw, who was incommunicado for weeks and didn’t feel addressed when the others blamed a single player for everything. The third head is Oliver Bierhoff, whom I would have expected most intellect and decency, but of all people he started talking loosely about Özil. And all together in Russia they didn’t know what they were doing. They thought we’d be fine, we’ll be fine, we’re a tournament team, we’ve always been, the semi-finals are as good as booked, the tried and tested team will fix it. At the top, the DFB is a self-loving and self-lost company." Direct hit, I would say.



The American President’s Twitter is a chapter in itself. Often he blows all sorts of shrill stuff out into the world, you don’t always have to take it seriously or even at face value. Anyone who follows him on Twitter, however, gets a pretty good impression of the state of mind of the president – and the realization that the investigations against him and those around him are obviously troubling him. In any case, he seems to be getting more and more nervous, as my colleagues from Statista show.

I wish you a successful day and a fun evening.

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Washington (AP) – The US President’s son Donald Trump Jr. posted a post from the right-wing news platform on Twitter "Breitbart News" who gives the alleged name of the anonymous whistleblower in the Ukraine affair.

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The whistleblower’s lawyers warned in a statement on Wednesday (local time) that such a step could endanger the safety of their client and that of his family.

Speculation about the identity of the whistleblower has been circulating in the media for weeks. Accordingly, it should be an employee of the CIA foreign intelligence service. The publication of the name also shows the desperation with which one tries to distract from the content of the whistleblower’s statements, the lawyers said. "This will not spare the President the need to comment on the substantive allegations, which have largely been shown to be true", so the lawyers.

US President Donald Trump is accused of having encouraged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi to investigate his rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter in a phone call in late July. The Democrats see this as an attempt by Trump to win the election with the help of a foreign government. Joe Biden is running for the candidacy of the Democrats in the 2020 presidential election. Trump denies the allegations. The Democrats in the House of Representatives have therefore initiated preparations for impeachment proceedings.

The US Attorney General William Barr is said to be, according to a report by the "Washington Post" refused to exonerate the President at a press conference on the Ukraine affair. Trump asked Barr to say in front of the media that the president had not broken the law on the matter, the newspaper reported, citing informed sources. Trump later reported the minister’s refusal to confidants. The relationship between the two politicians was not harmed, it said.

US President Donald Trump is faced with another scandal – his lawyer apparently loses control in a CNN interview. It’s about the delicate statement of a whistleblower.

It’s a surreal moment live on television that even made experienced CNN presenter Chris Cuomo stunned in disbelief for a short while. Within 30 seconds, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who was once mayor of New York, contradicts himself in a live interview – and thus possibly gets himself and the president in trouble in a currently looming scandal. 

Distraction from the Russia affair

It is a tangled web of allegations and suspected crimes that kicks off the interview. The background to this is the Russia affair, which has persisted since US President Donald Trump took office, over Russia’s interference in the US election campaign. Not only were numerous employees in contact with Russia, Trump himself also pursued business interests there. Whether he attempted to obstruct the criminal investigation remains the subject of investigations by Congress.

Donald Trump and Robert Mueller: The special investigator did not fully exonerate the US President in his report. (Source: Tom Brenner / Win McNamee / Getty Images)

In order to divert attention from the affair and to damage the possible Democratic opponent candidate Joe Biden, or so it seems, the team around Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has come up with a special tactic: Ukraine tries to interfere in the presidential election campaign in favor of the then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to persuade – remains, however, no evidence for the allegations. Central to the story is the son of the then Vice-President Joe Biden, who was involved in business in the Ukraine. Sections of the US Republicans accuse him and his father of corruption.

A phone call, a promise, a whistleblower

The problem, in turn, for Trump’s team: The now very public search for allies in Ukraine brings Giualiani under suspicion of looking for incriminating material against a political rival on Trump’s instructions – with support from abroad.